From developing programs for visiting school groups, to hosting Maker experiences for families and adults, we've had a blast partnering with one of our favorite institutions.


Adult Maker Workshop
In Summer 2018, we were thrilled to host our first Adult Maker Events at the Denver Botanic Gardens, one of our favorite spots. During LED Terrariums, technology met botany for a fun-filled morning of investigation and imagination. Adult learners designed and created mini terrariums enhanced with LED grow lights. We explored circuits and electronics, learned to solder and designed mini-garden habitats. Adult Makers had a blast collaborating, playing with different spectra and creating enchanting, glowing desktop gardens.


Adult Maker Workshop
Adult artists, designers, engineers and makers united for a fun day of creating with technology. Participants had a ball created hi tech soft sculpture. We explored electronics, circuits, micro-controllers and LEDs while creating plush, felt and fabric pillows. Their cool creations fused technology and fiber arts and folks had a ball mixing and mingling with other adult creatives. The workshop theme celebrated the Botanic Gardens exhibition Pixelated.


Family Maker Workshop
In May 2018, we were thrilled to host our first ever Family Maker Event at the Denver Botanic Gardens, one of our favorite spots. Kids, parents and even grandparents came together to explore garden lore and created with circuits and electronics. Makers designed LED Birth Flower Lanterns inspired by floriography - the language of flowers. Huge gratitude to the DBG staff and volunteers for a very special engagement event.


In Spring 2017, we were thrilled to design a suite of STEAM and Maker programs for the Denver Botanic Gardens. Collaborating with DBG's brilliant educators, we explored plant science through the lens of art and game-based approaches. From LED flower sculptures to companion planting games, we forged new ways to investigate plants, pollinators and pests. We also developed a series of Take Back to Class Activities to extend the experience of school and adult visitors. Our collaboration with staff and pilot students in Denver Public Schools was so fruitful and we learned a ton about the magical world of plants. Super huge thanks to DBG Discovery Days staff for this amazing opportunity to design new engagement experiences!