STEAMakers PD WOrkshop

What do you get when you fuse an international faculty and top-notch campus? You get Fulton Science Academy, a nationally acclaimed and award-winning STEM school. We had a blast working with their staff for a day-long PD to kick off the 2017/2018 academic year. Located in gorgeous Alpharetta, GA on the outskirts of Atlanta, FSA is home to celebrated STEM and Robotics programs. An innovation pioneer, the school was also looking to integrate the arts and creativity to augment their already stellar programs. The day was organized to support teachers across grades and content areas. Faculty explored our suite NASA programs, investigating space science and engineering through creative art and design challenges. The multi-cultural faculty also explored cultural-integrations to drive equity and relevance. And of course we were on hand to support leaders while they developed new skills - from soldering and circuits to creating pastel art.