Enjoy a dynamic suite of STEAM and Maker programs designed by Eurekus and McREL International for NASA's Discovery & New Frontiers Programs.

Art & The Cosmic Connection is a robust curriculum that has been presented to thousands of students and teachers internationally with outstanding reviews. A&CC teaches students of all ages how to understand the many cool images returned by NASA missions traveling to the far reaches of our solar system. Students learn how to decipher the complex geologic stories present on these worlds using the Elements of Art - line, shape, color, value and texture. Students engage in creative art projects to reinforce concepts while honing observation skills and inspiring inquiry. A&CC offers a terrific bridge between Earth & Space science, as well as a wonderful dive into the potential of science to inspire art - and art to empower science. Many useful and easy implementable teaching tools are available for FREE on the NASA website. 

MISSIONMakers is an innovative learning experience exploring NASA mission design to build "engineering literacy" through creative experiences. Imaginations are ignited through hands-on Making - a vehicle for deep and lasting STEM learning. Exciting activities engage students in the engineering and design process in memorable and tactile ways. The program is scaffolded from Guided Engineering to Open Design Challenges and includes exciting Technology Extensions. Throughout, engineering is made relatable and teamwork is emphasized. Projects include: Simple Machine Shoebox Rover, OSIRIS-REx Models & Tech Mobiles, InSight Tech Lander, and MISSIONMakers Game Show. 

In support of our NASA STEAM and Maker programs, we often conduct professional development and training educators nation-wide. These exciting events focus on best practices for arts-integrated STEM learning paired with active, hands-on making. Workshops are great for K-12 art, science and general ed teachers, as well as informal and institutional educators. These unique, STEAM experiences enliven training by leading educators through the creative process real-time with many concrete examples, tools and implementation strategies. In our NASA workshops, educators learn how to be STEAM leaders while investigating how art becomes an powerful tool for STEM learning and how science and engineering can inspire arts education.