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  1. Watch the Slide Shows & Videos: Resources below include step-by-step instructions for designing cards with solder or conductive glue. There’s also instructions for making simply with copper tape.

  2. Collect all materials: Your kit includes card templates, technology and a craft pack. You will also need glue stick, hot glue, scissors, thumb tack, decorative paper and additional crafting items.

  3. Tools & Tech Requirements: If you need a soldering iron, we like an Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron and Lead Free Solder. If you are not soldering, you can order Conductive Glue. Or you can create the project with only copper tape.

  4. Get Inspired: Check out our gallery of project examples for inspiration. This project is fun for all ages!

  5. For Teachers: You can also order the extensive Project Guide booklet, for more detailed instructions, soldering station tips, PDF templates, supply planners and standards.

  6. Check out the Trouble-Shooting Tips below to test, evaluate and revise designs.



Follow the slide show instructions as your create your project. You can also check out our helpful resources below.

  • Quick Start Guide Make A Battery Box Video

  • Soldering Tips Video


Follow the slide show instructions


Follow the slide show instructions as your create your LED Holiday Card. You can also check out our helpful video libraries.

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