In 2018, we had a glorious time at Heritage Elementary in Edmond, Oklahoma. Teachers, parents, students and district leaders all united for a transformative week of STEAM and Maker exploration. From Immersive PD, to student workshops and a family Maker night, the community explored, created and discovered together. Huge thanks to principal Cathey Bugg, teacher Linda Skinner and the Edmond Public Schools Foundation for their vision and support of our magical engagement.


Our week started with a series of Professional Development workshops with stellar Pre-K through 5th grade teachers. Leaders explored a suite of programs, customizing projects for grade level and content areas. Staff adapted our StoryMakers curriculum - designing experiences to foster both engineering and literacy. Pre-K through 1st grade teachers used simple machines to create kinetic puppets. And, 2nd-5th grade teachers explored circuits and LEDs to enliven puppet and costume creations, linking to classroom investigations. Then we had a marvelous week working in tandem with staff and volunteers to implement programs school-wide!


Our 4-day adventure with students was simply magical! From in-class investigations to soldering stations in community pods, teachers, staff and parent volunteers worked together to support 600 kids. Pre-K classes made kinetic shark puppets while learning ocean-themed songs. Kindergarten and 1st grade adapted poetry and designed performances while investigating mechanical engineering through puppetry. 2nd and 3rd grade explored circuits to create LED Puppets. And, 4th and 5th grade investigated more complex circuits with Hi Tech Costumes - integrating with math and social studies. Even the principal headed-up the soldering station! The end of the week concluded with a grand finale of community showcases and celebrations.


And our fun didn't stop during the school day! The Edmond community united for an awesome family STEAM festival on Thursday night. Teachers led 4 pop-up Maker stations for super fun and meaningful engagement. From astronomy to technology, the night featured room after room of exciting experiences - Pneumatic Rockets, Lever Thumb Puppets, LED Constellation Cubes and LED Light Sabers. Students, staff, district leaders, board members, parents and even grand parents celebrated new ways of learning and their very special school. Creating and discovering together proved to be a very unique and dynamic community builder.