What are the connections between space, life on Earth and possibly beyond? Find out during All Systems Go, a unique program that connects human, planetary and engineering systems - all with a cultural twist. Students explore both inner and outer space and the many connections between the two. Students investigate humanity’s cultural and historical connections to the cosmos, the story of Earth and our solar system’s formation, the connections to life on our own planet, and the search for alien life. The program focuses on the role of systems as it relates to biology, planets and engineering. All Systems Go introduces basic concepts in history, astronomy, chemistry, geology, human physiology, exploration and astrobiology through inquiry and discussion. Key concepts are further explored through experimentation and reinforced through engaging art projects including painting, ceramics and sculpture. Students gain a rich scientific and cultural foundation while making creative 2D & 3D projects. 

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STEAM Lessons & Projects

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  • Sky Lore & Star Myths Lesson (PwPT)
  • Cosmic Constellations
  • Inner Space: Planetary & Human Systems 
  • Cosmic Chemistry Jewelry
  • Mini Me Systems Puppets
  • Interactive Body Books
  • Lung Models & Fart Machines
  • NASA Terrariums (Free)
  • Outer Space: Planetary, Human & Engineering Systems
  • NASA's Art & the Cosmic Connection (Free)
  • Engineering Hands
  • TopoGraphic Paintings
  • Alien Landscapes (Ceramic Tiles)
  • Super Solar System Sculpture
  • Mini Missions
  • Junk Rockets, Rovers & Robots
  • Bubble Rockets
  • Exoplanets & Astrobiology Lesson (PwPt)
  • Exo-Systems Mobiles
  • Motorized Mission Mobiles
  • Extrem-o-dolls
  • Anthropocene Sun Dial (Youth Public Art)