The Colorado River was recently declared the most endangered water way in the United States. This remarkable and precious resource provides for 7 western states, Mexico and over 30 million people. During the Colorado River Project, students take a critical and collaborative approach to investigate and celebrate the Colorado River. Students investigate the river from scientific, environmental, economic and humanistic perspectives. Each learner becomes an"expert" on a Colorado River topic - population centers, dams and diversions, major tributaries, agriculture, national parks, recreation, history, geology and ecology. Students illustrate their topics through a variety of art media and synthesize their investigation through personal narratives. They then work collaboratively to combine their work into video telling the story of this river's 1,450 mile journey. Their dynamic and enduring video traverses the issues and landscapes surrounding this crucial resource while taking viewers on their own informative adventure.


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  • Colorado River Presentation (PwPt)
  • Colorado River Project - Leader Guide
  • Colorado River Inspiration Deck (PDF)