EARTHistory Video Project


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The EARTHistory Video Project takes learners an exciting journey celebrating the 4.6 billion year history of our special home world. Groups engage in an exciting stop-motion animation project to interpret the magical story of Earth, which is inherently their own story. The program is the signature project our Incredible Earth curriculum and functions as a robust stand-alone STEAM workshop. This program emphasizes inquiry and imagination while supporting team building and collective discovery. Learners investigate Earth's dynamic past, major events and our geologic history revealed to scientists in the stories of the rocks. They delve into the intrinsic connectivity of Earth's systems - geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere & biosphere - especially as it relates to the development of life. They explore life's unique journey from single-celled bacteria to modern societies and ponder the Anthropocene - a new geologic epoch marked by human impact on our planet. Learners organically gain a perspective of deep time, the fossil record and humanity's relatively brief existence on our world. The program emphasizes both the fragility and resiliency of Earth as a dynamic planet and encourages big questions, global thinking and stewardship. Throughout the process groups engage in story-boarding, storytelling and design to guide their creativity. They also gain critical 21st century skills exploring technology and digital media as a means to make, learn and share.