STEAM CURRICULUM - Goldilocks Planet Project


  • Goldilocks Planet Presentation (PwPt)
  • Goldilocks Planet - Leader Guide
  • NASA Earth Prints
  • Media: Pastel, Collage, Ceramic Tiles

Watch this touching video of Colorado College students implementing the Goldidlocks Planet Project with Taylor Elementary School.

NASA scientists often call our home world the “Goldilocks Planet” – not too hot, not too cold, but just right for the presence of liquid surface water. As our most precious resource, water has sculpted Earth’s landscape for millennium and harnessing, collecting and diverting water has shaped our human societies and relationship with our home world. The Goldilocks Planet Project takes a deep look at water on Earth from the vantage point of space. Fusing topics in hydrology, geography, ecology and environmental issues with visual art, learners unlock the water mysteries of our planet. Students learn to analyze NASA remote sensing satellite images, becoming “water detectives,” as they locate the presence of water on Earth. Learners use the Elements of Art (line, shape, color, value, texture) as “clues” to recognize water in its many phases and forms - rivers, lakes, oceans, erosion, underground water, frozen water and atmospheric moisture.

Students also use their geometry skills investigating both organic shapes and geometric shapes as it relates to human impact and dynamic change in our hydrosphere. They then synthesize their learning and hone observational skills while engaging in an exciting art activity - pastel, collage or ceramic tiles. They also work together to tell their unique story of the Goldilocks Planet through a collaborative digital works. The Goldilocks Planet Project is an Earth edition of our NASA program Art & the Cosmic Connection.