Energy BalancE MOBILES

Energy Balance Mobiles is a robust learning program for investigating energy and economic data through kinetic sculpture. Students are introduced to issues surrounding global energy production and consumption patterns while researching resources and statistical data. They explore renewable and non-renewable energy sectors and embark upon a collaborative journey that encourages creativity, learner-led inquiry and community. Students work in small groups to research energy production and consumption data from different countries. They produce and analyze pie charts and synthesize their discoveries through the creation of kinetic mobiles in teams. Their mobiles are visual representations of data and this program encourage critical thinking surrounding dynamic systems, resources and energy choices. Mobiles symbolize the delicate balance surrounding global energy issues in our contemporary society. Teams also teach each other about the complex and diverse nature of energy and sustainability across the globe. During the process, learners are introduced to concepts in statistics, economics, earth science, environmental issues, history, geography and engineering - all through the lens of collaborative art.