STEAM & MAKER Projects

  • Nevelson Sculptures
  • LED Nevelson Sculptures
  • Pocket Sun Dials
  • Eurekus Catapults
  • Talking Telegraphs
  • Archimedes Screw
  • Shaduf Project
  • Shiburi Creatures
  • Pneumatic Rockets
  • All About Light Mobiles
  • Pin Hole Cameras
  • Cigar Box Theremins
  • Electromagnetic Experiments
  • Rubberband Racers
  • Motor Racers
  • Simple Machine Shoebox Rover (FREE)
  • Motorized Mission Mobiles

Engineer-Invent-Explore fuses takes a historical perspective when exploring engineering, design and building. This foundation program looks at key concepts in architecture, design and engineering through the lens of human invention.  Students explore ancient tools, architecture, engineering principles, optics, inventions and space exploration through Maker projects. Students have a blast tinkering and building as they take a hands-on approach investigating how our world, and the universe, works. They explore basic mechanics and physics as essential elements in the history of innovation. Throughout the program, students also gain a broader perspective of history, civilization and space as a human endeavor. They focus on building and invention as human pursuits in response to and advancing societal development.