Incredible Earth


  • EARTHistory Timeline Activity
  • EARTHistory Accordion Book
  • EARTHistory Video Project
  • Terrariums
  • Atmospheric Layers Lantern
  • LED Watercycle Boxes
  • Sedimentary Layer Paperweights
  • Lava Lamps
  • Goldilocks Planet Project
  • Prokaryote/Eukaryote Sculptures
  • Cast Trilobites
  • Paleozoic Creature Bots
  • Mesozoic Thumb Puppets
  • Cenozoic Sock Puppets
  • Jurassic LED Puppets
  • LED Microbe Soft Sculpture
  • Hi Tech Dioramas
  • Hi Tech Planet Pillows
  • LED Kingdom of Life Crowns
  • Anthropocene Collage, Pastels & Tiles
  • Anthropocene Sun Dial

Take a holistic and fun journey exploring our unique planet and it’s 4.6 billion year story. Utilizing art as a vehicle for powerful and creative learning, students become “Artist Explorers” as they investigate Earth with a scientific, cultural and humanistic perspective. Utilizing a combination of thoughtful investigation, cool experiments, creative art projects and storytelling, students delve deeply into the magic and mystery of their home world. They explore the story of Earth, our 4 special systems and the fascinating connections between biology and geology. They piece together the puzzle of Earth's dynamic past while taking a critical look at humanity's relatively short existence. They contemplate the “Anthropocene” a theory human activity has garnered in a new geologic time period. Through the lens of painting, drawing, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture and digital media, students discover why Earth is truly special. The program includes the EARTHistory Video Project, an action-packed celebration of Earth's awesome story using a group stop motion animation project. This transdiciplinary program introduces students to Earth and space science, sustainability, biology, history, geography and technology - all with a cultural twist.