Know You H2O is a robust and holistic curriculum intended to hone learner's understanding and relationship with water as our most precious resource. Through scaffolded STEAM and Maker experiences, students investigate water from a scientific, engineering, historical, cultural and environmental perceptive. Students explore the water cycle, Earth's systems and properties of water through art and experimentation. They contemplate the origins of water through space science topics while investigating Earth's special position as the "Goldilocks Planet." They investigate water from a historical perspective and it's role in ancient societies while also experimenting with ancient water technologies. Learners become water detectives, investigating fresh water on our blue planet and associated water consumption and management topics. They delve into how our relationship with water also connects to environmental and ecological concerns while synthesizing their knowledge though tech-enhanced sculpture, digital media and group projects. 


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  • Goldilocks Planet Project (Free)
  • Water Molecule Ornaments
  • Bubble Wands
  • Lava Lamps
  • Water Constellations
  • LED Water Cycle Box
  • Hi Tech Dioramas
  • Oil & Salt Watercolors
  • Crystal Sculptures
  • Shaduf Project
  • Archimedes Screw
  • Blow & Go Boats
  • Hero's STEAM Engines
  • World Water Mobiles
  • River Stories Accordion Book
  • Colorado River Digital Story
  • Solar Stills
  • Water Creatures Soft Sculpture
  • Ocean Thumb Puppets
  • Ocean Totems
  • Water Creature Prints
  • Alien Water Detectives