Shapes & Space takes learners on a journey investigating geometry through space science, exploration and art. During this multi-layered program, students investigate 2D and 3D geometry as seen in space, from space and on Earth. Students learn how lines, organic and geometric shapes relate to geologic process by exploring the planets and moons of the solar system. They take a look at Earth as seen from space and explore the 2D geometry prevalent on the surface of our home world while creating planetary collages. They investigate sky stories while making their own constellation paintings using sky charts and polygons. Finally, they explore shapes we've sent to space by investigating NASA missions using 3D shapes to construct their own spacecraft. Throughout the program storytelling, collaboration and community are emphasized.


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  • NASA's Art & the Cosmic Connection (Free)
  • Geology & Geometry PwPt Lesson
  • Shapes & Space Scavenger Hunt
  • Cosmic Constellations (Geometry Edition)
  • Planetary Collages (Geometry Edition)
  • 3D Space Machines
  • Constellation Cubes
  • LED Space Machines