For over a decade, we have galvanized STEM investigation through the arts at schools, colleges, museums, non-profits and libraries nation-wide. As STEAM pioneers, we've fostered transdisciplinary dialog within artistic and public practice for learners of all ages. Today, there is a movement by educators, policymakers and industry to transition from STEM to STEAM for a powerful, arts-integrated approach. Why? Our 21st century world needs creative, global thinkers and stewards. At Eurekus, we fuse STEAM and principles from the Maker-Movement to innovate, ignite and inspire meaningful learning. Exploring STEM through the lens of art, culture and design makes learning robust, relevant and simply fun!


Our Philosophy

We take a unique, holistic approach to STEAM and Maker-based learning. Our “A” includes both the Fine Arts and Liberal Arts. We facilitate learning through many mediums and forms to excite both hands and minds. We believe incorporating the Humanities into STEAM practice is crucial to make learning relevant and we always infuse our programs with a historical and cultural perspective. STEAM and Making are not just new educational paradigms, they involve a re-discovery of our past as inventive beings. Think about some of our heros - Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobbs and Carl Sagan. They were all big thinkers who worked outside-the-box and embraced many disciplines. Indeed, learning should be Transdisciplinary and connect-the-dots among many schools of thought; exploring the inherent commonalities prevalent in nature and the human experience. We also feel Design is critical, especially in addressing engineering and creative technologies for 21st century preparedness. Aesthetic & Constructionist Learning is key as students should explore the "why" and "how" they create in tandem gaining solid foundations. And our STEAM approach is fused with exciting concepts from the Maker Movement as students learn to create with purpose through shared experiences. 

Our STEAM approach includes equal parts Investigation, Making and Storytelling - infusing inquiry and literacy into both the content we explore as well as the creations our discoveries inspire. Sharing through shows and exhibitions is a key element in every Eurekus program and serves to celebrate, disseminate, reinforce and assess student learning. Our approach is Learner-Led and Process-oriented, linking scientific principles with the tradition of art critique and the design process. We believe learning is a Life-long endeavor and can happen in many settings, inside and outside of traditional schools for Extended Learning enrichment. Eurekus programs take learning to the next level, emphasizing knowledge acquisition as a path to meaningful expression. Finally, we believe Collaboration is key and we foster community-building during the creative process to facilitate team building and deeper learning.