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  • Bug Bots
  • Polyhedra Nightlights
  • Telegraph Toys
  • Eurekus Crank Toys
  • Hero's STEAM Boat
  • Automata Theater Box
  • Wind Racer Challenge
  • Rubberband Racers
  • Motor Racers
  • Cigar Box Theremin
  • Motorized Mission Mobiles
  • LED 3D Space Machines
  • LED Cosmic Constellation Cards
  • CuddlyBots
  • Sonic Aliens

Tech Town is a creative tinker, Maker and emerging technology program intended to build "engineering literacy." Imaginations are charged as students are introduced to energy, engineering, electronics and technology through the lens of art and culture. Through cool experiments and kinetic sculpture projects, students investigate energy and engineering hands-on while also delving into the history of human invention. The program takes a thoughtful journey paralleling the chronology of technological advancement - from simple machines and mechanical systems to complex inventions and emerging technology. As the program progresses, projects build in complexity, introducing more high tech concepts including electronics, motors, circuits and more. Students also explore the impact of engineering and technology on building, design and society.