Jackson Hole Community School  February 16-18
NASA MISSIONMakers pilot program during high school Mini-mester

Art Assocation of Jackson Hole February 20
STEAMakers Educator Workshop - Transform STEM learning through the arts and Making with innovative NASA programs.

Colorado College & Taylor Elementary February 26
Goldilocks Planet Project - A unique workshop uniting higher ed, professional practice and elementary teaching to investigate hydrology through the arts. 

Think 360 Arts PD Workshop March 5th
Eurekus shares their Lever Thumb Puppets during this exciting Practices in Arts Integration Workshop.

NASA's Impact of Discovery Workshop April 9th
Engagement workshop featuring Eurekus' new Maker program - Simply Machines Shoebox Rover

Boys & Girls Club Rocky Mountain Conference April 19th
Simply Machines PD session with Boys & Girls Club providers

Think 360 Arts PD Workshop April 20
STEAMology Part 2: Featuring NASA's MISSIONMakers Training Session

Pinedale Middle School Residency May 2016
NASA MISSIONMakers pilot program with 6th-8th graders

Art Association of Jackson Hole Summer Camps 2016
June 13-17: STEAM SPLASH - Know Your H20!

June 20-24: SPACE MAKERS - NASA Week!

Denver Public Schools Summer Camps 2016

August 1-5: SPACE MAKERS - NASA Week!

Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library; Broomfield, CO   July 13
Artful Earth - Our Water World, Theater Presentation; 2:00 - 2:45pm

NSTA Expo Denver Presentations & Workshops  July 28
9:30-10:30 - NASA's Art & the Cosmic Connection with McREL International
11:00-12:00 - STEAMology, STEAM Case Studies with Think 360 Arts  

Oklahoma Arts Institute - Quartz Mountain October 12-17
NASA STEAMakers Workshop


Move & Make Summer Camp 1 June 15-19
Full-day camp with Eurekus & Movement Madness with sports, art & science
Dora Moore Elementary in Denver, Colorado

Move & Make Summer Camp 2 August 10-14
Full-day camp with Eurekus & Movement Madness with sports, art & science
Lincoln Elementary in Denver, Colorado

Art Assoc. of Jackson Hole - Summer Camps
Week 1 - Simple Machines STEAM + Maker Camp: July 20 - 24
Week 2- Complex Machines STEAMS + Maker Camp: July 27-31

Denver University  July 15, 2015
STEM & Aesthetics Graduate Education Class with guest lecturer, Monica Aiello 

STEAM Connect Ascend Conference
March 5th, 2015 - Qualcomm - San Diego, CA
Please visit our Spotlight Booth with colleagues from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA's Design of Discovery Workshop 
Engineering & Maker Educator workshop with visiting teaching artists Monica &  Tyler Aiello
Saturday, March 7th, 2015 - JPL in Pasadena

K-12 Residencies & Workshops Winter/Spring 2015
Centennial Expeditionary School - Denver, CO
Flagstaff Academy - Longmont, CO
Denver School of the Arts - Denver, CO

After School Programs Winter/Spring 2015
Steele Elementary School - Denver, CO
Polaris at Ebert - Denver, CO


Denver Museum of Nature & Science December 20, 10am-1pm
Family Maker Morning: Kinetic Storytelling with the Aiellos

Denver Public Schools Residencies & Workshops Fall 2014
Centennial Expeditionary School
Denver School of the Arts
Odyssey Expeditionary School
Carson Elementary School

After School Programs Fall 2014
Steele Elementary School - Denver, CO
Polaris at Ebert - Denver, CO 

Art Association of Jackson Hole  Summer Camps
Incredible Earth: July 21-25 & Electric City: July 28-August 1

Denver University  July 15
Graduate Art & Aesthetics Education Class - With STEAM Consultants Tyler & Monica Aiello

Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library  July 2
Theater Presentation: NASA's Art & the Cosmic Connection - 2:00-2:45pm

Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation  June 24-26
Automata Theater Box Summer Workshop

CU-Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics  June 19
2014 Colorado Space Science Teachers's Summit with Monica Aiello

Mizel Museum Creative Journeys Summer Camps
Earth Shakin' Planet: June 16-20 & Tech Town: All Charged Up! August 4-8

STEAM Connect Ascend Conference   March 28
Visiting artists presenting NASA's Art & The Cosmic Connection, Qualcomm - San Diego, California

Wheaton College - Norton, MA   February 2014
Visiting Artists - Inner & Outer Space Exhibition, Student Workshops & Public Lecture 2/20

C3 Elementary School  January 2014
Visiting Artists: Shapes & Space - A month long workshop exploring geometry, space and art 

Polaris at Ebert  After School Enrichment Program

Steele Elementary Schools  After School Enrichment Program

EUREKUS was formerly Da Vinci Club