We thrive on fostering the creativity of others

Tyler & Monica Aiello

In the space between art and science exists the explorations of our founders, nationally acclaimed artists Tyler and Monica Aiello. The husband and wife team translate the macro and micro of the Universe into both artistic form and educational content. Monica consults with NASA mission scientists to construct her astro-geologically inspired work. Tyler’s elegant sculptures draw from the micromorphology within the organic world of biology, botany and chemistry fused with engineering and math. The Aiello’s work is prized by curators, architects, collectors and consultants and has been presented at museums and galleries nation-wide.

As teaching artists, the Aiellos are equally passionate about enriching the learning and creativity of others. They have spent their careers forging connections between the arts, sciences and communities.  For over a decade, the Aiellos have pioneered innovative STEAM and Maker programs - uniting science, technology, engineering, art &  math - before STEAM was even recognized. They consult with NASA, schools, colleges, companies and museums nationally exploring and learning hands-on with thousands of students of all ages. Both the Aiello's artwork and public practice initiatives have been celebrated in art, science and popular media. www.studioaiello.net