STEAM CURRICULUM - FreaKY Fabulous Frogs

Frogs are a magnificently diverse amphibian group that is greatly impacted by environmental change. Their curious adaptations, life cycles, habitats and species differentiation make for a great unit to study biodiversity. Freaky Fabulous Frogs is an innovative STEAM curriculum investigating the wild word of frogs through highly-engaging art projects and science experiments emphasizing group creativity. Students begin by studying the basic anatomy of frogs and creating kinetic puppets. They then write and illustrate accordion books addressing the unique life cycle of frogs while exploring the special role of slime through experimentation. Learners investigate two dozen frog species while contemplating the importance "balance" in ecology - a concept that is reinforced with an action-packed spinning top project. Finally, students work together to synthesize their learning by creating a group stop-motion animation video exploring a collection of frog species and their diverse attributes.


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  • Froggy Thumb Puppets
  • Life Cycle of A Frog Accordion Book
  • Slime Experiment
  • LED Origami Frogs
  • Froggy Habitat Tops
  • Freaky Fabulous Frogs Stop-Motion Animation