STEAM Programs For KIDS

Arts-integrated and project-based learning is simply fun and effective

K-12 Workshops

Eurekus programs are offered as exciting in-class workshops to augment K-12 classrooms. As visiting teaching artists, we love working with schools to develop innovative approaches to enhance in-class learning. Our unique curriculum and fun projects organically link subjects for creative and powerful investigation. From ancient astronomy to new technologies, Eurekus fosters both creative and critical thinking through exciting art, making and fun experiments. Workshops are tailored for each school community and range from 1 day classes to extensive residencies. We often pair workshops with professional development and training for teachers and staff to build sustainable programs. Eurekus workshops are great enrichment for art, science and general education classes and can be aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.


Our exciting programs are also offered as innovative after school enrichment. Learners are introduced to STEM topics through the lens of art, history and culture. Students have a blast Making fine art and inventing with professional artists while investigating how their world and universe work. We pair creative 2D and 3D projects with fun experiments and cool NASA programs.  We also create with exciting digital media and emerging technologies. Students become "Artist Explorers," investigating exciting themes through various media including: painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, building, electronics, fiber arts, print-making, ceramics, photography and digital media. Through exploration and creativity, students gain great insight into space science, earth science, engineering, physics, technology, life science, astrobiology and chemistry – all within a unique cultural context. 

STEAM Summer CampS

Beyond the traditional summer camp, Eurekus summer camps are immersive learning and creative experiences. Campers simply have a ball Making and learning with visiting artists and STEM mentors while exploring enriching STEAM content. Programs are scaffolded throughout the week, increasing in complexity and depth. Our summer camps are "transdiscipinary," going beyond the limits of subject for truly holistic learning experiences. We pilot many of our newest programs during summer camps with learners providing a crucial voice in the final design and development of meaningful programs.