Art & The Cosmic Connection is a robust NASA curriculum co-authored by our founders, Tyler & Monica Aiello. Developed For NASA's Discovery & New Frontiers Programs in association with McREL International, A&CC has been presented to thousands of students and teachers internationally with outstanding reviews. Learners decipher the complex geologic stories of planets and moons using the Elements of Art - line, shape, color, value and texture. Students also engage in creative and fun art projects (pastel, collage, ceramic tiles, etc.) to reinforce concepts while honing observation skills and inspiring inquiry. Art & the Cosmic Connection offers a terrific bridge between Earth & Space science, as well as a wonderful dive into the potential of science to inspire art - and art to empower science. 

Join Eurekus co-founder Monica Aiello and learn more about Art & the Cosmic Connection.
Presented at Education Closet's Winter Conference 2017