STEAM CURRICULUM - Space Art Adventures

Our extensive Space Art Adventures program integrates art and space science to teach learners about the solar system and space exploration through creative learning.  Students have blast making real fine art while simultaneously expanding their knowledge and gaining a broader perspective of their home world, Earth.  This transdisciplinary curriculum fuses scientific investigation with a variety of 2D and 3D art projects including drawing, collage, mixed-media, painting, sculpture, ceramics and rockets.

The journey starts with an investigation of ancient astronomy and sky stories from around the globe. Students build their own ancient instruments, like pocket sun dials, to investigate time, engineering and why the heavens were so crucial to ancient cultures. Learners also investigate geologic process through science experiments and explore our celestial neighborhood through many art projects which build in content and complexity. Finally, students investigate space as a human endeavor through engineering and NASA missions with emerging technology.

The program includes our FREE NASA programs Mission Makers, co-developed with McREL International for NASA's Discovery & New Frontiers Programs.


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