In 2016-2017, we were so honored to conduct a series of workshops with the wonderful students of Swigert International School. Workshops were in conjunction with staff PD uniting STEAM & IB practice.

Energy Systems Mobiles

4th graders embarked upon an exciting workshop to augment their in-depth unit on energy. Students analyzed global energy production and consumption data and synthesized their discoveries to create mobiles in small groups. Each section or their mobile represented a "slice" of their energy pie charts - featuring a energy sector symbol and beads to represent percentages. Attaching non-renewables to one side of their mobile and renewables on the other (with nuclear in the middle), the 4th grade teams quickly saw the nuances of global energy patterns in tactile ways. Learners did a deep dive into energy, economics, statistics, systems and balance from a planetary perspective. Get the Leader Guide. 


2nd grade students explored animal migrations with a unique, engineering twist. They designed Automata Theater Boxes to animate their research on animal species and migration patterns. Using gear-type constructions, students were able to make kinetic dioramas while adding lots of discoveries - maps, characteristics and adaptations. They also engineered scrolls for spinning back-drops to illustrate different habitats along migration routes.