THINK 360 ARTS for Learning


Education leaders united in 2018 for another exciting Eurekus workshop. Formal and informal teachers explored how engineering and design can activate literacy, and how storytelling can be enhanced through creative making. Participants created kinetic sculpture while exploring mechanical systems, circuits and LED lights. Engineering automata systems activated imaginations as leaders developed unique content integrations - from poetry and math, to creative research approaches. Leaders connected for a robust sessions of hands-on inquiry, learning and collaboration.


As artists represented by the prestigious Think 360 Arts for Learning, the Aiellos enjoyed sharing about the practice of arts-integration with fellow educators. At Creative Learning Labs, formal and informal educators explored their suite of NASA STEAM and Maker programs during hands-on workshops. From space science investigation to engineering design and technology, leaders became learners to investigate how to transform learning through creativity. The Aiellos shared about best practices, implementation strategies and trained a variety of leaders in exciting NASA curricula, projects and programs.

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